Using a cloud SMS provider? You need the Auron SMS Server!

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Just simply sending a message through a cloud provider API is fairly easy for many software developers. But in doing so you’ll gloss over some important concerns.

This article details the added value of relying on the Auron SMS Server to integrate with your cloud SMS provider(s). Here are some of the most important benefits:

Using Auron SMS Server with a cloud provider

1. Continuity

Your service shouldn’t fail. This means that if your cloud provider is unable to send a message you need to:

  • Retry on a different channel; Try sending as SMS instead of WhatsApp for instance.
  • Retry with a different provider; Maybe your provider is down or there’s an interruption in your internet connection.
  • Retry at a different time; It may be a temporary outage.
  • Escalate by notifying your team. Automatically notify your tech team when messages aren’t coming through.

All of these things are easy to setup in the Auron SMS Server while some of these things are impossible to setup with any cloud messaging provider.

2. Uniformity

Each cloud messaging provider has their own unique programming API. Switching between providers requires a rewrite of expensive integration code. In addition, each provider has their own dashboard to wade through sent or received messages.

Instead you need to have:

  • A single, searchable message store; All your message in the same place. Easy to search and inspect. Each message has a clear status and trace log.
  • A single API for everything; Send and receive through any (cloud based) provider in the same way. Whether you’re sending SMS, WhatsApp or E-mail.
  • No-code messaging provider integrations; Add new messaging providers and new messaging routes without having to program anything.

The Auron SMS Server Manager is the front-end of your configuration. The open-source Web Messenger is the way your office interacts with the Auron SMS Server. Tons of integration options make it easy to connect into existing software as well.

3. Flexibility

Every thriving business is always changing. The software stack you’re investing in must be able to keep up:

  • Update your business rules without interruption of service; Add, remove and modify channels, routing rules and triggers at run-time.
  • Import and move your configuration between a test and production server; It’s easy to maintain a test server and only move to production when everything is ready and tested.
  • While enjoying maximum performance and minimal latency; All of this is built with performance and responsiveness in mind.

The Auron SMS Server is powered by its message bus architecture. This is a low-latency, high-volume industrial strength message bus that has earned it stripes and is ready for the future.

4. Confidence

The most important benefit is the confidence that your application is reliable and can run unattended.

And to show how we’re confident in this as well you can download a completely free fully functional 30-day trial!

And if you need any help with testing, don’t hesitate to contact us.