Auron SendEmail

The Auron SendEmail portable freeware tools for Windows enable you to send E-mail from GUI or commandline.

The Auron SendEmail set of portable freeware tools for Windows enable you to send E-mails through from either GUI or commandline.

With Auron SendEmail you can:

  • Send E-mails from GUI as well as commandline
  • Automated E-mails from batch scripts
  • Portable executable; no setup required
  • Use TLS enabled secure SMTP servers
  • Use the GUI for generating command lines
  • View detailed logging for easy troubleshooting
  • Send E-mails with attachments

Auron SendEmail makes use of the Auron E-mail Component. With the SendEmailGui application you can test your e-mail server and construct SendEmail commandlines for use in command scripts. Use the SendEmail console application in your scripts to automatically send E-mail messages. Have a look at the Auron SMS Server if more flexibility or traceability is required.

Scroll down to find the SendEmail Console commandline parameters


This product is free to use for any purpose. The copyright of this program remains with Auron Software.

This program is ad-supported. To make sure no E-mail includes an ad use this software with a standard Auron E-mail Component license.

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SendEmail Commandline parameters

Required Parameters

/s or /subject SUBJECT
Sets the subject for the e-mail

/f or /from VALUES
Sets the sender name and address. When only one argument is given this is the e-mail address. Otherwise the first argument is the name, the second is the e-mail address.

Sets the names and e-mail addresses of the recipients of the e-mail. You can specify an arbitrary list of recipients. The application finds out whether or not you specified a name for the e-mail address or not. For example: Marc Frank, will send an e-mail to Marc, and Frank Alternatively, you can specify this parameter more than once, e.g.: /to user1@server /to user2@server

/h or /host HOST
Sets the SMTP server to use for delivering the e-mail. May optionally contain a port to use. For example

Optional parameters

/? or /help
Show the list of parameters and exit.

/v or /version
Show the application version and exit.

/bt or /body-text VALUES
Sets the plain text body.

/btf or /body-text-file BODY-TEXT-FILE
Sets the file containing the plain-text body.

/bh or /body-html VALUES
Sets the HTML body.

/bhf or /body-html-file BODY-HTML-FILE
Sets the file containing the HTML body.

Sets the CC recipients. Specify values the same way as the /to parameter.

Sets the BCC recipients. Specify values the same way as the /to parameter .

/a or /attachments VALUES
Attaches one or more files to the e-mail.

/u or /username USERNAME
Sets the SMTP username for authenticated SMTP servers.

/p or /password PASSWORD
Sets the SMTP password for authenticated SMTP servers.

Enabled secure SMTP and optionally takes a port number (defaults to 465). This option is only required if the connection should be secure from the start. Servers that use STARTTLS, which is most e-mail servers that use port 587, do not require this flag.

/port PORT
Set the port value if the port value is different from 25. Like 587. Used when the connection is not secure or when STARTTLS should be used. This is most e-mail servers.

Advanced parameters

/log-file LOG-FILE
Sets the logfile path

/e or /encoding ENCODING
Sets the encoding of the body and subject text. Supported encodings are: windows-874, iso-2022-jp, gb2312, ks_c_5601-1987, big5, utf-16, iso-8859-1, windows-1258, us-ascii, iso-8859-2, iso-8859-3, iso-8859-4, iso-8859-5, iso-8859-6, iso-8859-7, iso-8859-8, utf-7 and utf-8.

/priority PRIORITY
Sets the e-mail priority. Set to either: lowest, low, medium, high or highest. Default is: medium.

/mail-header VALUES
Sets additional mail-headers. Use key-value pairs. This should total to an even amount of values.


Send an e-mail from to containing the attachment ‘screenshot.png’:

SendEmail64.exe /to "" /s "Sending a quick test e-mail" /bt "A quick email from Auron Software SendEmail" 
/attachments "C:\Screenshot\screenshot.png" /log-file "SendEmail.log" /h "" /port 587 /f "" 
/u "" /p "AmysP@ssword"