Auron SMS Agent for Android

The Auron SMS Agent is a very easy to use Android app to send and receive SMS from your PC.

With the Auron SMS Agent for Android you can connect your smartphone to your PC to send and receive SMS messages.

With Auron SMS Agent you can:

  • Send/Receive SMS from your PC through your Android smartphone
  • Send SMS message in Unicode
  • Send multipart messages
  • Seamlessly integrate your smartphone with the Auron SMS Server
  • Auron SMS Component applications work with any Android (7+) smartphone

Setup the Auron SMS Agent

It’s easy to setup the Auron SMS Agent. Just download the APK from our download page and use the File Manager on your Android device to install it.

Auron SMS Agent for Android configuration

This will install a shortcut in your launcher for the Auron SMS Agent that you can use to start the app. Before starting the app make sure that Wifi is enabled on your device. If Wifi is enabled just tap the ‘Start’ button to enable the Auron SMS Component or Auron SMS Server to connect to the app.


This product is free to use for any purpose. The copyright of this program remains with Auron Software.

Use the Auron SMS Agent for Android together with the Auron SMS Server or the Auron SMS Component.

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Keep the SMS Agent in the foreground

To be able to use the Auron SMS Agent for Android for an extended period your will need to keep your smartphone from going to sleep.

There are two ways of doing this:

Specify in the Android display settings.

Go to Settings -> Display -> Sleep and select the option: ‘Never‘.

However, on some phones it’s impossible to select ‘never’. That case you’ll need to use option two:

Specify in the developer options.

First got to: Settings -> About phone -> Tap 7 times on the Build Number. This puts your Android in ‘Developer mode’.

Once in developer mode you can go to: Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer Options -> Enable ‘Stay Awake’.