Enterprise service bus

The Auron WISe is an Enterprise Server Bus (ESB) solution for Windows Server.

Use it to integrate with ERP systems, LIMS systems or shop-floor automation. Create custom channels and message types.

Use its many advanced scripting and routing options as a backbone to your MES system.

The solid message bus architecture and easy to use API make this a strong part of your IT landscape.

Typical use cases

  • Track and Trace. Keep track of material movements on your shop floor;
  • Integration of 3rd party systems. Integrate with ERP and LIMS systems;
  • Extended logging and audit trail. All messages are persistent and create a re-playable audit trial;
  • Implement workflow and event driven systems. With every aspect configurable, upgradable and extendable without interrupting production.

Reliable and highly customizable

The Auron WISe is an advanced low-code message bus. Channels receive and send messages according to routing rules while triggers process messages that match trigger conditions. This approach has already been battle tested by many in the Telecom industry.

Auron Software - WISe event handling

This message bus architecture brings a lot of benefits:

  • No downtime required. Add and remove communication channels dynamically;
  • Easy to scale up. If your application graduates from low volumes to high just add new channels;
  • Everything is traced. Each message is logged and keeps it’s own trace as well;
  • Fast and responsive. Message processing is very fast and starts immediately;
  • Change business logic on the fly. Add, remove and edit triggers and routing rules while in operation;
  • Backup and restore. Easy transfer of your entire configuration between test and production;

Supported platforms

The Auron WISe runs on the Microsoft Windows Server operating system.

The Auron WISe is optimized for running in the cloud. Minimal and efficient database access make it an economical option in an elastic cloud environment.

Easy setup and configuration make it an excellent choice for on-premise and edge deployments as well.

Many advanced features

  • Run triggers. Run triggers when a message changes state. A trigger can be SQL, VBScript or JavaScript;
  • Create channels. Channels can send or receive messages or events. They run in their own context asynchronously;
  • Custom message types. Messages and events can have unique properties depending on their role in the system.
  • Routing and blocking. Advanced routing and blocking rules can help introduce the necessary dynamic behavior when your plant changes.

Licensing and more information

The full documentation for Auron WISe can be found here.

To get more information about licensing and project implementations please contact us.