A Windows library for E-mail

The Auron E-mail Component is an easy to use MS Windows library for sending and receiving E-mail messages.

You can use it in most programming and scripting languages available on MS Windows. Use it from your website or desktop application.

Make use of OAuth2 (modern authentication) and full mailbox searching and mailbox management.

If you need more than a library please also have a look at the Auron SMS Server.

Typical use cases

  • Send and receive E-mail from scripts. For example: Add alerting to your monitor scripts;
  • Add E-mail functionality to an existing application. For example send reminders from your agenda application;
  • Connect to API’s that use OAuth2. You can use the OAuth2 component by itself;
  • Advanced mail box searching and management from your script or application;
  • Create or load and modify MIME files. MIME files represent e-mails in most e-mail applications.

Use with Office365, Google Cloud or your own provider

The Auron E-mail Component works on Microsoft Windows. It has support for modern authentication and has full mailbox management. The Auron E-mail component is ideal for integration with any modern cloud provider.

Ease of use and a straight-forward API make the Auron E-mail Component ideal for small utilities as well as larger applications. It works in scripting environments just as in full programming languages. This makes the Auron E-mail component great at keeping simple things simple and making challenging things more accessible.

Many working examples included

The Auron E-mail Component setup includes a large number of working examples to get you started. Samples include Web applications as well as desktop and console applications. Alternatively you can browse these examples on GitHub too.

Auron E-mail Component - SMTP Demo
Auron E-mail Component – SMTP Demo. This example is available in C# and in VB.NET. The download also includes console examples and web based example.
Auron E-mail Component - IMAP Demo
Auron E-mail Component – IMAP Demo in C#. This example shows the most common IMAP features and is easily extendable.

Protocol support

The Auron E-mail component supports the following protocols:

  • SMTP For sending E-mail messages;
  • POP3 A very simple way to receive E-mail messages;
  • IMAP The most common way to receive E-mail. IMAP supports multiple mailboxes and advanced searches;
  • OAuth2 This is the authentication method used for Modern Authentication. Use it to connect to Microsoft or Google e-mail. It works on its own as well.

All protocols as secure and support IPv6 as well as IPv4. This ensures that the Auron E-mail Component is completely future proof.

E-mail features

These e-mail feature work on all protocols:

  • MIME support. Load and save MIME files;
  • HTML and Plain text. It’s easy to assign both for every e-mail. Having a plain text body improves your spam score on mass mailings.
  • Embedded images. Embed images in your e-mail;
  • Custom e-mail headers. You’re completely future proof by allowing custom e-mail headers.
  • Unsubscribe e-mail and URL. This is a standard way to unsubscribe that further improves your spam score.

Programming languages

You can use the Auron E-mail Component in most programming languages available on Windows. Working examples are included for the following languages:

  • ASP.Net / ASP Classic For web based development in C# or VB.Net;
  • ColdFusion For web based development in Adobe’s ColdFushion web platform;
  • Delphi For desktop development in Embarcadero’s Delphi;
  • PHP Use PHP to build E-mail enabled web applications;
  • PowerShell Write E-mail enabled command line scripts;
  • VBA Visual Basic for Applications. Send E-mail from your Excel sheet;
  • VBScript E-mail Enabled Visual Basic Scripts to run from the command line;
  • C++ Make E-mail available in C++ in Visual Studio;
  • C# / VB.Net Examples for both console and windows forms.

Trial and licensing

Try the Auron E-mail Component for free with our 30 day fully functional trial.

If you’re happy with the functionality you can purchase a license key according to the license tier that suits your requirements.

Each license includes 1 year of maintenance for free. With maintenance you can upgrade for free as well as make use of our technical support desk.

If you need any help during your trial or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our support desk.

Find the full manual here. Find the complete API reference here.