Complete messaging solution

The Auron SMS Server is an easy to use Windows server application to integrate and build instant messaging and e-mail based applications.

Use it to connect to SMS, WhatsApp and E-mail providers and automatically send, receive and process messages.

With many integration options the Auron SMS Server is a perfect fit for any business.

Use its many advanced scripting and routing options to build your custom instant messaging application or integrate into your existing IT landscape.

Typical use cases

  • Send out mass WhatsApp, SMS, or E-mail campaigns from any data-source;
  • Automatically reply or forward messages based on the message subject or content;
  • Forward any type of message as any other type of message;
  • Use WhatsApp, SMS or E-mail to remotely control IT-infrastructure;
  • SMS based Two-factor authentication (2FA);
  • Setup your own SMSC by having users connect to the SMS Server and routing and forwarding their messages;

Reliable and highly customizable

Under the hood the Auron SMS Server hides an advanced low-code message bus. Channels receive and send messages according to routing rules while triggers process messages that match trigger conditions.

This message bus architecture brings a lot of benefits:

  • No downtime required. Add and remove communication channels dynamically;
  • Easy to scale up. If your application graduates from low volumes to high just add new channels;
  • Everything is traced. Each message is logged and keeps it’s own trace as well;
  • Fast and responsive. Message processing is very fast and starts immediately;
  • Change business logic on the fly. Add, remove and edit triggers and routing rules while in operation;
  • Backup and restore. Easy transfer of your entire configuration between test and production;

Supported platforms

The Auron SMS Server runs on the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. The Auron SMS Server is optimized for running in the cloud. Minimal and efficient database access make the Auron SMS Server an economical option in an elastic cloud environment.

Auron Software is cloud ready

Send messages through any e-mail or other messaging provider or use your Android phone or any GSM modem.

Easy to configure with the Auron SMS Server Manager

The Auron SMS Server manager is automatically installed alongside the SMS Server. The manager is where you configure the SMS Server. You can also manually send messages and campaigns from the manager.

SMS Server Manager
The Auron SMS Server messages view shows all messages in the system and updates in real-time. You can find the activity view for all active channel in the bottom of the screen.
SMS Server Manager - Channels View
Each channel runs in its own process and is managed by the Auron SMS Server. The channel status is green when the channel is running and turns orange or red to indicate a connection issue.

Easy to use with the Auron SMS Server Web Messenger

The Auron Web Messenger is another part of the SMS Server. With the Web Messenger it’s easy for multiple employees to use your business channels to communicate with customers or clients.

Auron SMS Server - Web Messenger
The Auron Web Messenger can be used to send any type of message. SMS, WhatsApp or E-mail.
The Web Messenger design is responsive
The design of the Web Messenger is responsive so that it’s usable on any device

Protocols supported

The Auron SMS Server supports all common protocols to connect to existing messaging providers. From very low to very high volumes.

  • GSM. Low cost, low to medium volumes. No internet required;
  • Android devices. Low cost, medium volumes. No internet required;
  • SMPP client High to very high volumes. TLS supported for security;
  • SMPP server You can act as a gateway to your customers. TLS supported for security;
  • HTTP(S) Support for SMS, WhatsApp and more. Integrate with any SMS or WhatsApp provider;
  • IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. All common ways of sending and receive E-mails. Full support for modern authentication using OAuth2;

Advanced SMS features

All common and most uncommon SMS features are supported. Such as:

  • Attach media For RCS and WhatsApp clients;
  • Unicode support to use any character set and emoji’s;
  • Language shift, a more economic alternative to Unicode;
  • Flash SMS. Generally used with 2FA;
  • TLV’s. Used with SMPP providers, often for advanced billing;
  • WAP Push. Push HTTP(S) URL’s to your customers;
  • Binary SMS messages; For SMS based automation;
  • Custom application ports; For SMS based automation;
  • Delivery reports; To learn if you message was received;

Integration options

Integration is key with the Auron SMS Server. There are many ways to integrate and customize your solution. These are just some options:

Integration can be scripted through triggers but it’s possible to extend the SMS Server with any other programming language as well.

Scripting options

For most use cases you can automatically generate the scripts. Customize these scripts or create new scripts using any of the following:

  • VBScript. If you’re familiar with automating MS Office;
  • Javascript. If you’re more familiar with web technology;
  • SQL Script. For direct integration with your database;

Working examples

The Auron SMS Server installation is packed with fully functional working examples.

Trial and licensing

Try the Auron SMS Server for free with our 30 day fully functional trial. If you’re happy with the setup you can register by purchasing a license. You’ll receive the license key automatically after purchase.

The license is perpetual and includes 1 year of maintenance for free. With a maintenance contract you can upgrade for free as well as make use of our technical support desk.

Integration projects

We can also offer hands-on assistance with setting up a project. Please contact us to learn more about pricing and options.