SMS and e-mail solutions


SMS Component

  • Easy to use API
  • SMS through GSM, SMPP & HTTP
  • Build a custom SMSC
  • Support Paging using SNPP
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SMS Server

  • The Windows application for quick and easy setup of SMS, WhatsApp and E-mail integrations including automated message processing.
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Email Component

  • Easy to use API
  • Manage mailboxes using IMAP
  • Send using SMTP protocol
  • Receive using POP3
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Industrial automation

Auron Workflow & Integration Server

Use the Auron WISe to add the benefits of EDA (Event-Driven Architecture) to your MES system.

  • Events, event processors and event sources are loosely coupled
  • Add, edit or remove event processors or event sources without interrupting operations
  • Events provide a completely trackable and replayable audit trail
  • A complete and uniform trail of events is excellent for troubleshooting

The Auron WISe is powered by well over a decade worth of experience in robust and high-performance message processing.



The event-driven backbone to your MES system. The Auron WISe is fast, flexible and reliable.

Use the Auron WISe for workflow automation and integration tasks.

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Email component

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The company

Auron Software.

Auron Software B.V, Headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands is founded in early 2016. We are a Software Development company which specializes in the development of messaging and communications software. Auron Software aims to help companies streamline the infrastructure they require for communication, be it directly to customers and clients or between machines on a production floor.

As the world becomes increasingly connected the business value of these connections becomes increasingly obvious. All of the different standards and protocols to establish these connections can pose a challenge for system integrators. The products of Auron Software intend to empower system integrators in their mandate to improve business value by connecting the customer to the company, or more accurately, the business value to the business.